About us

Optimed Research, established over 25 years ago by Donald McNeil, MD, has grown from a stand alone research site into a network of sites across the country that specialize in Allergy, Immunology, Ophthalmology, and Neurology/CNS.

Optimed Site Services, a subsidiary of Optimed Research, was formed in early 2019. We identified early on that research sites are more powerful when they work together. Our research experience partnered with a specialist clinical experience makes for a powerful partnership. This strategic partnership allows us to focus on the administrative, regulatory and trial oversight so the investigator can focus on the clinical oversight.     

We are more than just research

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expanding flow cytometry solutions in healthcare

We are a laboratory that combines the need for scientific support with outstanding clinical expertise. We are not just a laboratory, but a clinical center, which is large enough to offer excellence, and small enough to care, while providing convenient, fast and cost effective services.


Our mission is to identify, understand and advance diagnostic tools for identification of variations of the immune system. We are unique because we strive to provide answers, not numbers. Our experts and physicians are available to analyze the results and to offer insight and recommendations to providers. Patients also have the option of scheduling a consultation with our nationally recognized immunologist and geneticists.


better lives through infusion therapy

Optimed Infusion has been providing safe and effective infusions/injections to our patients in a comfortable, non-hospital environment since 1999.


Our clinical team of registered nurses and Medical Director, Donald McNeil, M.D., work with you and your referring physician to create an individualized plan of care for your infusion or injection therapy. Our goal is to ensure your medications are delivered safely and efficiently. 

P: 614.430.3030  |  F: 614.430.8025  |  RESEARCH@OPTIMED.US.COM