Clinical Research

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At Optimed Research, LTD, clinical research is our priority. Optimed was established over 25 years ago by Donald McNeil, MD, and has grown to be a large, stand-alone research facility that has sites around the United States. Our facility specializes in research for Allergy, Immunology, Neurology, CN, and Ophthalmology. Our subsidiary, Optimed Site Services, was established in 2019, because we believe that research sites that work together are more powerful than those who remain separate. It is our goal to understand and advance diagnostic tools that help identify variations in the human immune system. Patients can schedule consultations with our team of nationally recognized immunologist and geneticists. If you are interested in being part of a paid research study or clinical trial, contact us at Optimed. We have several locations including an immunology clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Fill out our contact form at to find out more about what we do.

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