Optimed COVID-19 FAQ

Will Optimed Research continue to conduct clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Yes. We will continue to enroll patients into the clinical trials we are currently conducting as permitted by each trial sponsor (i.e., the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the trial). Optimed Research will not be closing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conduct of each clinical trial we are conducting may be affected differently by the pandemic, depending on guidelines from the trial sponsors, so please continue to inquire about our current trials.


What is Optimed Research doing to keep its patients safe before they come to the site?

  • The day before your appointment, we will ask you whether you are experiencing any symptoms that could indicate you are currently ill with COVID-19. If you are currently ill or experiencing certain symptoms, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.


What is Optimed Research doing to keep its patients safe when they come to the site?

  • We are asking patients to call us open arriving to our location and before entering the building. This will allow us to ensure that only one person is in our waiting area at a time. If someone is in our waiting area when you call, you will be asked to wait to come inside until the waiting area is clear. Once you enter our suite, your temperature will be taken immediately, and you will be asked to wash your hands with soap and water. Then you will be brought back to a patient room. The staff member who will be seeing you will wear a mask and gloves during your visit. Each patient room will be thoroughly cleaned before and after your visit. We will do everything possible to limit your contact with our staff to ensure we are complying with Ohio’s request for “social distancing.”

How is Optimed Research complying with Ohio’s stay-at-home order?

  • We are requiring all staff members who do not have patient contact to work from home. Any staff member who regularly has patient contact will be asked to work from home on days when those staff members do not have patients scheduled. All staff members at Optimed have been asked to take their temperatures regularly, to report any fever of 100.4 ⁰F or greater to management, and to report any possible symptoms of COVID-19 for further evaluation. 

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