Crohns Disease Research

Help Product Crohns Disease Research That Helps Patients like Yourself

Crohns disease research is an important step in finding the cure to this horrible disease. At our gastroenterology research clinic, we test new medications and treatments that may help resolve this painful condition. We pay our testing panel to try new treatments under the watchful eye of our medical staff and researchers, so that we can find out what works and what has little impact on the disease. If you’re interested in being a part of Crohn's disease research panel, call us today at Optimed Research. You can reach us at 614-430-3030. If you are a gastroenterologist or another type of medical professional who would like to add clinical trials to your facility’s services, speak with us about how we can help you set up trials for free. Our clinics are based in Ohio and other bordering states, so reach out so that we can discuss your options.

P: 614.430.3030  |  F: 614.430.8025  |  RESEARCH@OPTIMED.US.COM