Paid Research Studies

Paid Research Studies Help Patients and Pad Your Checkbook

At Optimed Research, LTD., we focus on clinical research to help patients suffering from serious diseases. We encourage medical providers to contact us about paid research studies and to include clinical trials as a normal part of their practices. Our facilities, primarily located in Ohio, specialize in research for Immunology, CN, Neurology, Allergy and Ophthalmology. We know that paid research studies are a great way to collect data on patients and how they react to new medications and treatment techniques. We want to continue increasing patient support and would love to work together to find real solutions to common-day ailments. Call 614-430-3030 to find out more about current paid research studies and the information that is needed to qualify. You can also email us today at We look forward to hearing from you and speaking with you about our current opportunities.

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