We understand what it takes to recruit and retain patients

Effective recruitment takes experience, innovation and determination.  

Patients are the heart of clinical research. The success of every patient recruitment and retention program begins with identifying the right candidates for your clinical study. No two programs are alike, which is why we plan each clinical trial with customized, data-driven patient and community outreach.


​of sites fail to meet their enrollment goals. In order to combat this statistic, recruiting should start the day studies are awarded. We strive to screen patients the first day our sites are activated. ​

We brand our studies across all marketing channels. It's the little things that make a difference online and off.

Study Website

  • Landing pages with lead tracking

  • Chat, text and other innovative communication features

  • Responsive and mobile designs

Sample Ad


Digital: Facebook, Google, Twitter.

In this day and age digital adverting is as important as ever. It's effective, can be tracked easily and typically has a good return. 

Traditional: We have an in-house marketing team that can develop materials specifically for your research business.

Print Media: Flyers, brochures, posters, etc.

TV & Radio: Creative and script development, IRB approval, air-time placements - we can take care of it.

Recruiting Staff

Our full-time recruiters do nothing but recruit. Inbound and outbound campaigns drive enrollment.

  • Cloud based VOIP phones

    • Recorded phone screenings for quality assurance​

  • Innovative recruiting software

    • Outbound calling campaigns​

    • Automated email

    • Patient call reminders

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