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What if you could count on more of your sites to startup fast, reach their enrollment goals quickly and produce near error-free data?

Even research-naive investigators can perform at the highest level with

support from Optimed Site Services

Only 3% of physicians today participate in clinical research. As the number of complex trials increase, the need to find new physicians with highly targeted patient populations becomes more urgent.


However, new physicians present complex challenges; they take longer to startup, generate more     protocol deviations and tend to produce lower quality data.

Optimed provides a comprehensive solution to research-naive investigators and under-resourced sites.

You need  EXPERIENCED  research sites 

Unparalleled Site Service Solution model

Reach new patient populations

Activate fewer sites


start up

we help get the study started the right way- fast and accurate

data compliance

source data is completed and reviewed by our Q&A team in real time


all regulatory binders are stored and managed online

trial management

end to end support


from advertising to pre-screeing, we help with all recruiting aspects


we ensure everything is accounted for and take that burden off the site


Disrupting Industry Standards

CDA Completion

Feasibility Completion

2 Days

1.25 Days

Regulatory Completion

5 Days

Budget Completion

2.5 Days

CTA Completion

7 Days

First Subject In

3.25 Days

Bringing research to the other 97%

Site Service Solution